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Anna Medina


Fashion of David Bowie

Herbert, the brilliant mind behind Linkqlo, asked me to write a piece about David Bowie. A tribute. But here’s the thing: I wasn’t really familiar with David Bowie. Perhaps this is sacrilege. Perhaps I should be ashamed. Perhaps my ignorance was due to the…

January 14, 2016

Fashion Inspiration From TV’s Heroines

If you’re like me, at some point, you’ll probably find yourself enjoying some quality TV over the holidays. The forecast in my neck of the woods promises rain, which increases the chances that I will be sporting my comfy pants, snuggled up in a…

December 23, 2015

Terror of Online Shopping

We are in the eye of the storm. It is holiday season 2015 and hopefully the shopping frenzy and the gifting pressure hasn’t sucked you in. Hopefully you’re not staying up late at night, searching for the right gift for that special someone who…

December 14, 2015

Finding the Right Fit: Men’s 32×30 Jeans Edition

It’s always been a challenge for me to find jeans that fit. I’m 5’11”, 190 lbs. and have what you’d call “solid”  thighs. They have a circumference of  24.5”, and they are not easy to fit into most jeans. Occasionally, I’m tempted by those…

December 9, 2015

What’s In a Size?

When Shakespeare’s Juliet reflected What’s in a name? she was calling attention to the fact that names don’t truly describe the essence of a person (You know, since she’s a Capulet and he’s a Montague, but she really loves him — after one brief…

November 14, 2015

Finding the Right Fit: Men’s Fall Boot Edition

So, there’s this common misconception that only women have issues with finding the right size and fit for shoes and clothes. Or that only women care about finding the right size and fit for shoes and clothes. (I know men, how unfair is that?…

November 7, 2015