Fashion Inspiration From TV’s Heroines

December 23, 2015

If you’re like me, at some point, you’ll probably find yourself enjoying some quality TV over the holidays. The forecast in my neck of the woods promises rain, which increases the chances that I will be sporting my comfy pants, snuggled up in a blanket, and sipping a hot beverage while enjoying an episode (or five) of Outlander or Jane the Virgin.

I tend to like shows with strong, inspiring, and generally kick-ass female leads. If they’re funny, that’s also a plus. And I enjoy nerding out on what these TV heroines wear (because sometimes you really want to channel your inner Olivia Pope).

Here is my personal list of fashion inspiration from some of TV’s awesome leading ladies:

Claire Beauchamp, Outlander

1940s Claire_C

I can’t decide if I prefer the wardrobe from 1940s-era Claire or 1740s-era Claire. Both are pretty spectacular. My indecision practically mirrors Claire’s own indecision concerning Frank and Jamie. On the one hand, you have the sophisticated, clean lines of A-line coats and cream-colored dresses, topped with delicate hats or perfectly coiffed hair. Oh so effortlessly chic.

1940s Claire2_C

But on the other side of the standing stones, you have this wedding dress.

wedding dress claire_C

Enough said.

And you also find Claire swathed in lovely knitted scarves and cowls.

claire knits 2_C

It’s enough to make me pick up my knitting needles and fan-girl on these patterns (I’m sure I’m not alone in this). Suddenly Claire’s dilemma is so clear. Both options are so appealing! Tough choices.

Photos via Starz

Felicity Smoak, Arrow

Felicity comp_C

Felicity is hands-down my favorite character in Arrow. I mean, she pretty much single-handedly keeps the whole operation afloat. Hopefully she’s inspiring little girls everywhere to aspire to go to MIT and become brilliant coders so they can help save the world and stuff. Not only is she a genius, she’s also hilarious and has a noteworthy sense of style to boot. She kind of rocks a nerdy, yet slightly edgy Kate Spade kind of look. Classy with a little quirky twist.

felicity smoak_C

And an awesome pair of frames which she occasionally takes off for super fancy formals, making Green Arrow do a double-take. Get it, Felicity.  

felicity sans glasses_C

Photos via CW

Jane Villanueva, Jane the Virgin

jane cw_C

Jane is so relatable. She’s what you want in a BFF. Funny, honest, dependable, intelligent, kind. Plus, she has the best facial expressions. Ever.  And we can all sympathize with her dilemma (though I’m firmly Team Michael). She also has a very lovely wardrobe.

jane 3_C

I covet every single dress she wears on the show, and I particularly admire how she manages to stay fashionable during pregnancy. Pretty, with pops of color and a hint of that “this-transitions-to-the-beach” look, which is par for the course in Miami.


Photos via CW

Olivia Pope, Scandal

olivia pope_C

I couldn’t make a list of TV’s fashion heroines without including Ms. Pope on the list. I mean, her wardrobe is flawless. I’m pretty sure if I dressed like Olivia Pope every day, I would have her confidence and ability to handle every single absurd situation that gets thrown her way, too. Not that I would want her life. Just her clothes. I mean, Olivia Pope has literally inspired clothing lines! All palettes of nudes: soft creams and blushes and greys. Pant suits that are feminine, button down shirts with a hint of ruffle, form-flattering coats with elegant details like a cape.

pope dress2

pope blazer 2

Her wardrobe says: I’m confident, feminine, assertive, and graceful. Deal with it.  

pope coat_C

Photos via ABC

Mindy Lahiri, The Mindy Project


Mindy Lahiri is the OB/GYN you wish you had. Smart. Funny. Sincere. Confident. I mean, you know she’d give it you straight and tell you to get that epidural. Plus, she’s fashionable in her own unique and delightfully unexpected way. A little loud, a little preppy, a little mismatched, a little girly.

mindy yellow coat_C

It’s kind of hard to pinpoint what exactly Mindy’s style is, but somehow it works, and it’s awesome. And it fits her character. A character that is intelligent and kick-ass, but also playful, charming, and just a little bit endearingly high-maintenance.

mindy dress_C

Photos via Fox

Who’s your TV fashion muse?? I’d love to know!


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