How to Look Sexy for Date Night Under $100

September 29, 2016

Looking your best is top priority on date night. Perfection is necessary from head to toe and salon grooming can be very expensive. So how does one look like a million bucks while their beauty and fashion is on a budget? No worries because we have a few simple tricks to look sexy for date night under $100?

We, at Linkqlo, have compiled an amazing list of tips that you can use to look fabulous on your date and have enough money leftover to buy dessert (although you’re not likely to need it, you sexy thang *wink*).

Little Black Dress for Date Night


Buy a Little Black Dress (Limit: $50)
Purchasing a little black dress is a great investment for not only the office but also for date night. When buying your dress keep it simple (believe it or not, men love simplicity more). Black is also very simple to accessorize and make your style pop!

Sexy Date Night JewelryMore or Less Layered Choker $20.00

Splurge on Jewelry (Limit: $20)
We don’t mean spending all your funds on a new diamond necklace. We mean, get more for your buck. There are many stores like H&M and Forever 21 that offer beautiful and affordable pieces that accentuate your style. We are certain that you can find the perfect earrings, necklaces and ring sets for $20 or less. You just have to have a good eye for deals.

Sexy shoes for Date Night

Runway Waltz Strappy Metallic Heels $29.90

Get Timeless Strappy Heels (Limit: $30)
Show off your newly pedicured toes (that you did yourself) with a pair of strappy heels. Strappy heels are always the go-to heels for date night and you can easily get them for about $30. Stick to a simple color/pattern to keep them timeless.

With just these simple tips you will be the center of your date’s attention.

Do you have a few date night tips up your sleeves? Share your ideas with us.

Feature Photo Credit: @zey_zor

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