July 20, 2016

The new app, Pokemon Go has millions of people in a frenzy! From your favorite restaurants to Grandma’s kitchen, players around the world can bee seen using their phones to capture the yellow cutie, Pikachu, and other monsters.

So what is making this trend so hot? No one can point out just one reason, but if you are not one to whip out your phone and catch a Pokemon, you can still get in on the trend with Pokemon Fashion!

We are starting to see the Pokemon fashion trend pop up everywhere and we forecast this is only the beginning! Get ahead of the trend with Pokemon fashion you need to catch! We found a few of our favorite pieces:


Not only will the little monsters be captured by these earrings so will Pokemon enthusiast that love a little fashion with their fun. Get it here!


If you are Team Mystic, then show your pride by wearing this stylish A-line dress. If you’re not a fan, who cares, you’ll look totally awesome! Get it here!

Pokemon Tshirt
Men can get involved with the trend too! This graphic tee is a great fit for when you want people to know that you are just being fashionable while playing the most popular game ever! Get it here!

Pokemon Tights

Get a leg up on your competition with these badass Team Instinct leggings. If you’re not here to capture the monsters, get out the way before you become a fashion capture. Get it here!

Pokemon Socks

While you are running all over the city in search of Pokemon, be sure that your feet are comfortable and stylish in these cute Pokemon socks. Get them here!

What will you be wearing during this Pokemon fashion craze? Are you into the style? Be sure to share your awesome Pokemon style with us.

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