Styled & Disturbed 5 Easy Steps to Camera Comfortability

January 16, 2017

Camera comfortability is a hard talent to harness. It took me forever to get comfortable when starting the blog and using professional photographers for the shoots. Even when utilizing my husband or friends to take pictures, I found myself easily camera shy. Even with the holidays over and not as many photo opportunities, it can still be useful to try and get camera comfortable. Whether it’s a family reunion or your starting your own blog, utilizing my 5 tricks and tips to relaxing in front of the camera will help in making you not look like Olaf from Frozen when the cameras start flashing.

Well first off, congrats on your want to learn more. Half the battle of being a successful blogger or being successful in any industry, or even just the want to kill it at life, is the ability and want to learn more. Even if you are seasoned at your career, learning more and being open to changes and constructive criticism is going to be huge for you. I am constantly learning from other bloggers about how to pose, how to look more comfortable, and how to look my best in front of the lens.

Getting to know your photographer is a great way to get rid of the jitters when in front of the camera. Have a coffee with your photog if you can. Get to know them on a personal level first so that when they step behind the lens, they’re not a stranger to you. This allows you to be more yourself and your comfort will develop naturally while shooting. It gives you a leg up before your shoot.

Practicing your poses, or taking a look at the shots already taken by your photographer, will allow you to see what stances flatter you the best. The classic “hands on the hips” pose makes me look like a moron, so you will never see me do that. I’ve learned this about myself because I am constantly critiquing each image that gets sent through to me. I look at each pose I’ve taken to see which one is the most flattering, which reflects the style I’m trying to portray in my blog, and which pose highlights the clothes or accessory the best.

Research to blogs you love and find celebrities or bloggers that have a similar body types to you. See what works for them and try using it yourself. Practice in the mirror or when your shooting and see what looks the best on you. Just as you wouldn’t buy a pair of denim you didn’t try on first, the same goes for poses.

Overall, the more often you are in front of the camera the more chances you have to get camera comfortable you have. So get out there. Schedule some shoots or even get a friend to help shoot a few looks with a IPhone. Practice makes perfect.

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