v1.0 – Hello World!

March 30, 2015

v1.0 of Linkqlo’s iOS app is live now! It’s been quite a journey to release this humble Minimum Viable Product (“MVP”).  While we have to withhold on more than 100 features on our Asana tracker to avoid making this MVP too complicated, v1.o can already do quite a number of things:


  1. You can record your body measurements. There is nothing fancy here – just get a measurement ruler to measure yourself and input that into the app.
  2. Our own proprietary Body Measurement Score (“BMS”) will calculate how close your body is to other users. The algorithm still needs some work, but at least it provides a simple enough number that everyone can understand.
  3. You can create a post, with photos (like Instagram), description (like Instagram), and Fitting Report (like Yelp). You can share the good, the bad, and the ugly of your clothes and share that on major social networks.
  4. You can discover new brands from other users of your similar body shape and size. Similar to Twitter and Instagram, you can follow others, get followers, leave comment in others’ posts, like a post – all the usual bells and whistles of a social network.

What’s unique about this app:

  • The onboarding process is as minimalistic as possible – a unique username is all that’s required.
  • Fitting Report allows you to review a piece of clothes in an intuitive template specific to the clothing type – the first of its kind in the fashion industry.
  • You can record 15 body measurements and store them in one place for easy reference, instead of taking random notes in Evernote.

Download Linkqlo from App Store

We’ll continue to work on the app to bring more features while listening to feedback from our early users. Share with us your thoughts on the app! Our inbox is

Thank you for your support!


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