v1.1.1 – New Logo & URL

June 29, 2015

v.1.1.1 brings us new logo and URL web link function, among a few other UX/UI enhancements.

After a highly successful contest where we received 249 designs from 79 artists all over the world, oil painter Dana Gonago from Latvia thrilled us with this awesome design, inspired by Da Vinci’s landmark work Vitruvian Man. This was the EXACT image we had in mind when founding Linkqlo in 2014. It’s very gratifying to see that some one was able to see through our design brief  and strike accord with the essence of Linkqlo.

Brand Logo A on White 512px H - Primary

What’s special about Vitruvian Man + circle?

  • It’s about User him/herself. Decisions should be made based on thorough understanding of ourselves first, not on some external factors such as Channin Tatum latest look on GQ.
  • It’s about rational decision based on objective data as foundation, not based on subjective and arbitrary opinions.
  • It’s about human body. There are too many constantly changing sizing charts from brands, and we only have one body. Who has the data for that? No one.
  • It’s unisex. While App Store is flooded with fashion apps for women, Linkqlo is for both men and women.
  • It’s a social network. Linkqlo aims to become what Linkedin is for business when it comes to everyone’s clothing needs.

Color theme has also been updated together with the logo. Previously we were very much black-and-white. While BnW is the most widely used color palette in the fashion industry, it makes some users feel aloof and not vibrant enough. Now it’s Tiffany Blue + Bright Orange. This should lighten up the app quite a bit.

Linkqlo v1.1.1 new color

A new feature is introduced – URL is now clickable in post description as well as comments. While we have not added a special field just for URL link in the standard Posting process, you can just add a link freely in either description or comment. You can include the URL for the clothing item from its original brand website, or a retailer site, or eBay link, not only just for your own posting, but also for anyone else’s post as well.

We also switched the position of Discover tab and Notification tab on the navigation menu for you to access contents you care more easily.

Download Linkqlo from App Store

What do you think? Do you like our new update?

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