v1.1.2 – New Onboarding Process

August 18, 2015

Hello friends of Linkqlo, we’re back with a new update that features a more intuitive onboarding process among many other improvements!


onboarding in v1.1.2

New onboarding process with authentication methods

New Feature

– New onboarding process that now collects authentication credentials from email, Facebook, or Twitter to make it easier for you to reset password if needed


– Faster loading speed for several key screens with local cache implemented


– Added link to Body Measurements page on Find My Body Double screen
– Smarter positioning of cursor after alert messages
– Changed “Nick Name” to “Screen Name” to be more intuitive and constant


– HTML page links turned into in-app pages
– Invalid Body Measurement Score now displayed as “N/A” instead of “0%”
– Got rid of the dreadful “Null”


– Preference of US/Metric is now remembered and preserved throughout the app, beyond just the onboardng process
– Better persistence throughout the app


– Implemented Haskell backend that handles exclusively all the endpoint APIs from the client, in the first step to eventually deprecating PHP backend and running the entire backend in Haskell
– Added Leanplum SDK to enable A/B testing

Bug fixes

– Avatar image can now be properly saved and refreshed
– Updated various alert/error messages
– Follow/following refresh issue
– Blank measurement cannot be saved
– Multiple loading of the same screen
– Verbiage improvement on several screens

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Any questions? Please let us know how you feel about this latest update by rating Linkqlo app on App Store, or leaving your comments here, or send your feedback/questions to Thank you!

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