v1.1.3 – Good Night and Good Luck iOS 7

August 28, 2015

In anticipation of the upcoming iOS 9, we updated several outdated iOS controls that will soon go out the window. Are you still using iOS 7? Well, if you do, you might want to consider updating your iPhone to iOS 8.


More Stable

– Better support for iOS 8 and upcoming iOS 9 by deprecating outdated iOS controls for alert messages and action sheets. Bring it iOS 9!
– The minimum iOS version Linkqlo supports is now 8.0 instead of 7. Goodbye iOS 7!

Better Infrastructure

– Fired Leanplum for setting server URL
– Cleaned up unused graphic assets
– Added more security measures for user authentication

Fewer Bugs

– Fixed the bug where some screen names are incorrectly displayed as “@” only
– Deleted posts will no longer cause any trouble from their graves

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Have a nice weekend!

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