v1.1.4 – Social Network of Fashion for Him and Her

September 24, 2015

On this update, we want to send a clearer message of what Linkqlo is about.

Linkqlo - Social Network of Fashion for Him and Her

Linkqlo is a Social Network of Fashion. We want to build a global community of people who help each other find better fitting clothes. While most such fashion-themed communities try to tell users what is trendy, fashionable, or stylish with editorial content, we try to tell users who else have similar body sizes and what they wear. For many people, if the clothes does not fit, there is no point talking about style, price, fabric, etc.

Fit, has been been quite a challenge in the global apparel industry for many years. People’s biophysical statistics have been changing faster than any industry-wide census can capture. Proliferation of clothing brands all over the world has created many idiosyncratic sizing charts that are confusing to consumers. With so many different brands, so many different cuttings, and so many different sizing charts, which one is the best for you?

We figure that question should start from you by understanding you and what makes you unique.

In our Linkqlo app, you can:

Review the clothes you own and share your experiences and opinions: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Create posts with photos and tag your favorite brands. We’re the Yelp of Fashion.

Track your body measurements for easy reference when you need to buy clothes online or offline (your data is kept private and secure). We’re the Linkedin of Fashion.

Connect to your body doubles, through Linkqlo’s unique Body Measurement Score (“BMS”) algorithm. We use a crowd-sourcing approach to figure out the mysterious sizing and fit issue. We’re the Uber of Fashion.

Discover better fitting clothes in our fast-growing global community. We’re the Instagram of Fashion.

In addition, Linkqlo is not just for Her. It is also for Him. Too many fashion apps have been created to satisfy women’s needs. We believe that many men have similar desire of finding better fitting and better looking clothes. They just don’t have the right tool to do that. Linkqlo aspires to be such a tool for both men and women.

How is your experience using our app? What would you suggest to make Linkqlo a more useful app for you? Drop us a line  through

Thank you!

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