V1.1 – Social Sharing & Enhancements

June 20, 2015

Linkqlo = Instagram (image sharing) + Yelp (clothing review) + Linkedin (keeping track of your body measurements and private closet) for Clothing/Fashion. V1.1 comes with a lot of goodies!

A few new features:

  • You can share your posts on Twitter, Facebook, and Email.
  • You can insert a link in my profile to leave a review on App Store. Rate us if you like what we have created!
  • We added auto-complete function for clothing types and users in Discovery and Post route.
  • You’re assigned with a default avatar image if you’re too lazy to take a profile shot for yourself
  • Username is now capped at 15 characters.
  • You will see the progress of completion of body measurements (out of 15) in My Profile.
  • You will see a circle around your avatar and quickly track how many body measurements you have completed.

We also fixed a  few bugs and improved UX/UI.

  1. Now you can delete the first photo of your post.
  2. We removed the limit for the number of uploaded photos. Upload multiple photos for your favorite clothes!
  3. Under Start Me Up, We disabled digit input for the first character of username and enabled keyboard input even when Caps key is pressed.
  4. We also improved the layout of the header section for a user. Now user’s header section is fixed rather than scrollable.

Download Linkqlo from App Store

If you have any suggestions, please give us a shout out at Thank you!

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