v1.3.1 – Private Post + Edit Post + Hashtag + Single-Column

January 25, 2016

Good morning, Linkqlo men and women! The Linkqlo team has been working hard to improve the app performance and implement features since our last announcement two months ago. We have published three version releases in the past three weeks as our very capable engineering team is knocking out one task after another. The latest version v1.3.1 is now available to download from App Store. Go check out the new features below. What do you think?

Private Post

Two months ago, a cofounder’s significant other said to me, you know sometimes I’m so satisfied with my outfit that I just want to record it down somewhere so that I can re-create the same look on another sunny day in case I forget how I put together earlier. I can’t do that in iPhone’s camera roll as it’s got 5,000 junk photos already. Can I do that in Linkqlo, but not publicly?

I’m not sure if I have that same need myself but we always listen to users right? We are on a mission to enable Linkqlo users to live a more efficient, confident and rewarding life at physical, emotional and spiritual level right?


For those of you who are not comfortable of sharing public selfie photos and just want to keep things to yourself and your close ones, you have the option now to create a private post. You can use private posts to keep track of clothing items in your wardrobe (apparently some of you inevitably forget how many pieces of clothes you already have!), or create a wish list live from a Nordstrom fitting room, or start a dialogue with your friends for their style feedback.


You can see all your private posts from My Profile screen, for your eyes only.


You can also share your private post with specific other users. Just tag their Linkqlo usernames in a comment and he/she will receive the usual Ding~~ push notification on iPhone and in Linkqlo app. Instead of trading image+text messages back and forth on general-purpose tools such as iMessage/FB Message/Whatsapp/Line/WeChat, you can now carry out that whole conversation in Linkqlo.

Edit Post

Circa 2015, our fashion writer Anna was binge-posting in Linkqlo  “Ops! I just made a typo in my post caption. Can I change that without deleting the post and recreating it from scratch?”

In the past you could not edit a post once it was published, but that was very 2015. Now you can.

When you open the Post page, click on the top-right option link and choose Edit this post. You can change most of the attributes including caption, photos, fitting report ratings, sizing information, and even flip a private post into a public one. You can only edit your own posts.


With Private Post and Edit Post, essentially Linkqlo is becoming your Evernote for Clothes where you can record, track, organize, discover, and review all your clothes items, either for your own reference or share them with selective or general audience. Not only you can use Linkqlo to discover better content (ie. fashion-styles, but “content’ just sounds cooler in Silicon Valley), but also you can use Linkqlo as a stand-alone utility tool to keep all your clothing needs in one neat place.


#Without #hashtag #howcanwecallourselves #socialnetwork? Fair enough.  Let’s turn it on. Use in comment or post caption to express … whatever it is that you want to express, the good, the bad, and the ugly, with your Linkqlo followers. Clicking on the hashtag to check out what is trending at the moment.



Bye, Pinterest, it’s been fun knowing you. How you doin’, Instagram?

Alright, alright, we’re switching to one-column view for What’s New feed. The long debate among our team members and early enthusiastic users has come to an end. Two-column layout doesn’t provide enough of a podium for our growing base of power users to grace the feed as they deserve. Single-column gives us a much bigger canvas to paint and every other subsequent UI decision becomes much easier.

There you have it. Just don’t drool.

Single Column

Faster Loading

Loading speed has been a long outstanding issue. We’ve implemented several measures in the past three upgrades to address this issue and the app is running much faster now thanks to pagination and optimization of the initial login logic.

Try this:

  1. Like 5 posts from What’s New
  2. Reshare 3 posts you like so that your followers can see it too and share your discovery
  3. Comment on 2 posts you like … make some friends … find out how close match your bodies are to each other

Do you feel the difference in loading speed? Yes/No?

Anyway, thanks for participating.

Like the new version? Please rate us on App Store! A simple and quick feedback at your fingertips goes a long way to help us continuously improve our product and grow a better community to discover style and fit, from people just like you.

Download Linkqlo from App Store

Thank you!

The Linkqlo Team

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