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October 20, 2016

We were totally excited to attend the Bloguettes Workshop and as we thought, we weren’t disappointed. From hands-on training workshops in Photoshop to social media, blogging and even branding. The event was awesome!

“Learning is power and this workshop inspired me in many ways to keep challenging myself–at all times,” shares our Social Media Consultant, Brittany Nicole.

“It was such a great experience and I recommend it to almost anyone who is in the creative industry or interested in starting their own business.”


With three days’ jam packed with top-notch teachings, it was very hard to create a list of our top 5 takeaways from the Bloguettes 3 Day Workshop but we finally did it! Below we share with you best lesson we learned at the Bloguettes 3 Day Workshop:


During the Bloguettes 3 Day Workshop you could not leave a workshop without the thought “BRAND YOUR BLOG”. After learning and understanding that branding is how people feel as soon as they interact with your business, the floodgates of branding opened. From choosing a logo/typography, developing brand colors, building a brand personality, and even building a strong brand message. If you didn’t learn anything from this portion of the workshop, we don’t know what to tell you.


“They really highlighted branding and making sure you are always checking your stats after any post or campaign,” shares Brittany.

We loved the information we learned about using blogging for your business which included why businesses should blog, how to get started, planning goals and even details on editorial calendars.

One thing we learned during the blogging workshop we learned that we wanted to share with you, is to always find you Niche! What are you good at? What can you talk about for hours? Why do you want to talk about this? Those are some good questions posed to attendees at the event.


Most of us know that eye-catching images on Instagram is the #1 way of growing your brand’s social media following, but Bloguettes gave us some often overlooked methods.

  • Geotagging is when you add the exact location where the image is taken. The benefit of geotagging is that it offers more exposure for your photo and is a great tool to aggregate photos from one location.
  • Instagram Ads are often passed over by business (especially small businesses) but getting an ad on Instagram can actually be useful. Just remember your image and caption: play a huge role in your ads success!


We all know that media is the key to a business’s success and Bloguettes really connected to us about the importance of a media kit and why every blogger/business should have one.

We took away with us that a media kit is the best way to showcase your bio, credibility, accomplishments, stats, and important details about the business/blog. This is how you get collaborations and it helps you make money!


“I have never touched Photoshop/Lightroom a day in my life and now I totally understand it. It really can help me with making invites, social media posts etc.” shares Brittany.

You wouldn’t believe how learning Photoshop can be extremely helpful for running a blog. For times when you are in need of an image edited or resized, Photoshop is a quick and professional way to address the issue.

Overall, we enjoyed the event and we look forward to the next.

Some fun sponsors for the event included: @zicococonut, @amazebowls, @amynicolefloral, and @alexpeytonevents!

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